Saturday, August 11, 2007

Adding the Code

Having problems adding the code? No problem.

For WordPress:

1) Once you're signed into your blog, click the Presentation tab, then choose the Widgets option.

2) Drag the Text box up to your sidebar, then paste the code into it. If you'd like the code centered, then put <.center.> (without the periods) right before the code.

3) Move the new Text box wherever you'd like it on the sidebar, then click Save.

For Blogger:

1) Once you're signed into Blogger, go to the Template Tab. Make sure you're under the Page Elements subcategory.

2) Click Add a Page Element and choose the HTML/Javascript Option.

3) A window will pop up. Paste the code into the box. If you'd like it centered, type in <.center.> (without the periods) before the code.

4) Move the HTML box wherever you want it on your sidebar, then click Save.

I applied a while ago, but I still don't seem to be a member:

As soon as your submission is accepted, the blog roll on the right is updated, too. If you don't see your blog there, your submission is still pending because your blog doesn't have the code. I've either tried emailing you or leaving a comment on your blog about it, but it's an easy fix. Just add the code (let me know if you need it again or if you need help adding it), and I can approve you.


Sara's Texture Crafts said...

This is brilliant - I have added mine and can't wait to see the others listed. Sara x

The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

I believe I signed up but I either missed a e-mail or information about the code. Would you be able to give me the information again. thanks for your trouble.

Lily Wrey said...

I am unble to conncet so I may join. I have clicked on and copied & pasted code into browser, neither is working for me...HELP

Xenarae's Room said...

I forgot to copy & paste that ring code from :0 Can you please send it to me again if possible? Thankyou

knitsational said...

I can't find the either. Could you please resend it to me? Http://

elponk said...

i lost the email with the code too. can i get it again?

the b-line said...

I can't seem to find the code I am looking for. I can only find the code that says "Indiepublic Blog Ring" Power by RingSurf. I'd like to find the code which shows the next and previous buttons. Anybody know where I can get that?